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Slope of Line 
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There are several methods for graphing a line depending on the information given and personal preference. The three methods we will focus on are using a T-table, using the slope intercept formula, or finding the x and y intercepts. 

Graphing using the slope intercept formula y=mx + b  
m= slope  b = y intercept

​Let's look at an example
y=3x +4
Step 1. The slope =3 so you will have a rise of 3 and a run of 1
The y intercept =4
Step 2. Plot the y intercept ( 0,4) use o for the x intercept

Step 3 From this original number plot the slope. So rise 3 and run positive 1
Step 4 Connect the two points with a straight line
Method 2. Graph the x and y intercepts
Example 2 Graph y= 2x -4

Step 1 Plug 0 in for the x in the slope intercept formula y=2*0 -4
Step 2 Plug 0 in for y
0= 2x -4
0+4 = 2x -4+4add 4 to each side
4/2= 2x/2 isolate for x by dividing each side by 2
Step 3 Plot the x and y and draw a line connecting them.

Method 3 T-Table

Step 1. Pick values for x

Step 2. Plug in x values one at a time into the equation

Step 3. Solve. Fill in T-table with your answer after plugging them in the linear equation.

Step 4. Graph the x and y cordinates

Example 1 Graph the linear equation 3x + 2 =y

What is a linear equation?

Slope of a Line

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