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Slope of Line 
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A line can be described algebraically using the slope intercept form, The slope intercept form is written:    y=mx + b
m= slope
b= y intercept

​An example question may look like this.
Put the following in slope intercept form

Put the following in slope intercept form

Find the x-intercept and y intercept for the following line.
-x + 2y =10
Step 1 In order to find the x intercept plug 0 in for y  -x+2(0) =10
Step 2 -x+0=10
Step 3 -x = 10
Step 4 x=-10

In order to find the y intercept plug 0 in for x
Step 1.  0-2y =10
Step 2. 0 +2y =10
Step 3. y =5
Take a graded practice quiz with slope intercept problems.

Point Slope Form
The Point Slope Form is used when a point on the line ( x1,y1) is given or known and the slope, m

​m= slope

Write the equation of a line with a slope of 1/2 containing the points (6,-4)?

Horizontal Line Form:
  y = 2 ( This number is a constant and is where the line crosses the y axis)
The slope of a horizontal line is zero. They have horizontal change but the vertical change is zero. The rise/run formula for slope always yields zero since rise = 0.
  y = mx + b
  y = 0x + 2
  y = 2

Vertical Line Form:
  x = -2 (or any number)

Lines that are vertical have no slope. 
They have "rise", but no "run". The rise/run formula for slope always has a zero denominator and is undefined.

What is a linear equation?

Slope of a Line

Step 1. Subtract -3x from each side 
Step 2 -2y= -3x +8 Isolate y by dividing by 2
Step 3. y = -3x/-2 + 8/-2  simplify 8/-2 = -4
Step 4 y = 3/2x -4
Step 1. Subtract 7x from each side
Step 2 9y= 7x+27 Isolate y by dividing 9
Step 3. y = 7x/9 + 27/9  simplify 27/9 =3
Step 4 y = 7/9x +3